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Puja for Ancestors/ Forefathers on Amavasya at Nenmeli

Nenmeli is situated at about 6 kms from Chingleput, on the road leading to Mahabalipuram, near Thirukazhukundram. Nenmeli is also known as Pundarikanallur or Pindam vaiththa nallur as the Lord Srartha Samrakshana Narayanan at Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal Temple here accepts offerings for the ancestors and forefathers called pithrus. Any offerings made here are considered as offerings made at Gaya for the pithrus

Lord Srartha Samrakshana Narayanan Himself is considered to perform the annual rites and ceremonies for the departed souls for and on behalf of the persons who are unable to offer prayers, rites and ceremonies for their ancestors.


A couple by name Yagna Narayana Sarma and Sarasavani lived in Nenmeli during the period of Nawab of Arcot. They served Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal (the main deity) with devotion. Yagna Narayana Sarma was Diwan under Nawab of Arcot. The couple was subjected to capital punishment since they used up the money collected from public as tax, to be given to the Nawab of Arcot, for religious purposes and for Lakshmi Narayana Perumal and the temple. Since the couple did not want to face capital punishment, they went to nearby Divya Desam (one of the 108 Abodes of Lord Vishnu), Thiruvidanthai, and committed suicide in the temple tank there. They died with a heavy heart, as there was no one to perform last rites and periodical ceremonies for them since they had no issues.

Legend says that Lord Himself did the last rites for the couple as per their last wishes. Further, according to the wishes of the Diwan the Lord here performs srardha Himself for all who do not have any issues to perform the rites and for and on behalf of people who are unable to perform them.

Accordingly, the Lord accepts Puja once during a day, between 12 noon and 1 pm, which is called Kudapa Kaalam and considered the time suited for the pithrus.


Any one who is unable to offer srardhams or ceremonies or annual rites for the departed souls of their ancestors and forefathers may do so at Nenmeli. You can send the details of the persons to whom the rites have to be performed and puja can be performed on their behalf at Nenmeli.

Curd Rice or Pongal ( Rice and dhal) is offered during the puja along with black til & perandai. Lord Srartha Samrakshana Narayanan, the festive deity here accepts these offerings and keeps pithrus satisfied.

Pujas on Amavasya and Ekadesi days or on days when the souls departed from the earth are considered as srardhams done at the Holy Place of Gaya. Hence Nenmeli is also called as Sowlabhya Gaya.

This Puja can be performed for US $ 10 on Amavasya days (new moon days), first days of all months according to the Tamil Calendar (Maasa Pirappu), or any other day you wish to perform.

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